Saturday, December 18, 2004

Iran Sarfaraz Party advocating Rafsanjani presidential candidacy

Iran Sarfaraz Party advocating Rafsanjani presidential candidacy: "Iran Sarfaraz Party advocating Rafsanjani presidential candidacy
TEHRAN, Dec. 18 (MNA) -- Ruzbeh Meshkin, the secretary general of the Iran Sarfaraz Party, said on Saturday that his party supports Expediency Council Chairman Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani as its candidate in the upcoming presidential election.
Meshkin told the Tehran Times that the people are examining candidates of various parties as the presidential election approaches, adding that the people should be assured that sociopolitical change will occur through their votes.

The reform process, which has been in the hands of non-professional individuals, has been almost completely destroyed, and new plans should be formulated in the future, he said.

In order to be accepted by all people, the reforms require infrastructural ideology, he opined.

He also stated that the fair distribution of power and wealth should be put on the top of the agenda of the next government, adding that a new chapter could be opened in the country’s political activities through the presidency of Rafsanjani.

“Rafsanjani is highly motivated to make the country productive and definitely will be supported by the people, producers, and politicians.”

The participation of several candidates in the election would encourage the people to vote, Meshkin said, stressing that the Iran Sarfaraz Party supports Rafsanjani and regards him as a powerful and independent individual who can regain the people’s rights from leftist and rightist political parties through his political independence.

“In the next government, ability should be the first factor to be considered, and authority must be delegated to younger managers.”

In conclusion, Meshkin said that Rafsanjani possesses valuable experiences from his previous presidential terms and the country would benefit if the people and political parties supported him."