Monday, December 20, 2004

Rafsanjani to run in 9th presidential elections

Description of Selected News: "Rafsanjani to run in 9th presidential elections

TEHRAN (IRNA) -- Expediency Council Chairman and former president Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani will run in the 9th presidential elections in May 2005, said member of the Central Council of the Executives of Construction Party of Iran (ECPI) Esmaeil Jabbarzadeh here on Monday.

Talking to reporters, Jabbarzadeh said Rafsanjani would be the most qualified candidate in the elections.

Jabbarzadeh said it would not be something unlikely to see the right wing supporting Rafsanjani in the upcoming elections.

Thus far, Expediency Council Secretary Mohsen Rezaie and lawmaker from Tehran and head of the Majlis Research Center Ahmad Tavakkoli have voiced their readiness to become a candidate in the elections.

The 9th presidential elections are slated for May 2005 and the next president would be sworn in and assume office in August."