Monday, December 27, 2004

Velayati advocate of justice

Xinhua - English: "Following Larijani, former Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Velayatiis also a powerful contender.
Welcomed by hardliners, Velayati is also politically related to Khamenei as the leader's advisor on international affairs.In his conference speech, Velayati placed emphasis on diplomacy,his own profession and specialty.
The former foreign minister's hard line mentality was betrayed by his clear assertion that Iran would strive for its aspiration of 'number one in the Middle East'.
He attributed the US hostility to Iran to the message conveyed by the Islamic Revolution of Iran which 'led to the awakening of Lebanon, Iraq, Palestine and Afghanistan'.
Like Larijani, Velayati also called for economic development to achieve progress and social justice in the country. Not ably, he marked out a specific area in which he would be promoting justice.
One of the main priorities of the next government is to modify labor law with the purpose of job security, he said.In Larijani and Velayati's remarks, the reprehensions against the incumbent reformist Khatami's cabinet were hidden in the advocate of justice. "