Friday, January 14, 2005

Guardians Council must be unbiased

Iran Daily: "Unbiased

KHORASAN: If we were to examine the role of various parameters in the next presidential race, we would obviously have to assess the role of Guardians Council as one of the most influential organizations. The constitutional duty of the GC is to supervise electoral races and also make sure that the Majlis ratifications comply with Islamic tenets. This way the idea of religious-oriented democracy would be upheld. However, if the council only qualified certain presidential nominees who are affiliated to particular groupings in its vetting procedure, the legitimacy and credibility of the Islamic system would go on the line. This is a serious threat because the yardstick is the level of public participation in electoral races. This in itself requires that the GC perform in an unbiased manner so that people would be encouraged to show up at the polling stations in large numbers."