Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Iran Daily: Rightists Seeking Absolute Power

Iran Daily: "Rightists Seeking Absolute Power

TEHRAN, Jan. 11--Leading reformist and former MP Mohsen Armin said following their success in the seventh parliamentary and city council elections, hardline rightists are determined to win the next presidential elections to assume absolute power.
In an interview with ILNA on Tuesday, Armin said that to achieve their goal, they might even sacrifice their traditional allies.
He stressed that the presidential election be held in a democratic manner, reformists will certainly win.
Armin, also a member of Islamic Revolution's Mujahideen Organization allied to President Mohammad Khatami, also said that the trend of reforms was irreversible.
"Nothing will go back to the pre-1997 presidential election period which led to the rise of the reform movement," he said.
The maverick political activist conceded the reformist movement's failure to live up to their pledges due to political challenges.
"As a result, today an atmosphere of distrust and pessimism has befallen the society," he said.
Noting that the extremist members of the conservative camp lack the characteristics of a political current, he said they are over-dependant on political powerhouses which, if detached, will lead to their immediate fall.
"Winning the city council gave the rightist camp the confidence to show an even stronger presence in the parliamentary polls," he said, adding that mass disqualifications by the Guardians Council further pave the way for their landmark success.
"Now they want full control for dominating the executive branch," he said."