Monday, January 10, 2005

Mostafa Moin Supported Aghajari

Justice Department says four students had been arrested for investigation: "The demonstrations were held in reaction to the death verdict against academic Hashem Aghajari who had challenged the emulation underscoring the need for explanations from the religious leaders on the decisions they make binding for their followers.

In the aftermath of the court verdict against Aghajari, the Supreme Leader advised the Judiciary not to act in a way to bring itself open to criticism.

The Leader called on the Judiciary to review the verdict to save the innocent life as per a request made by several academics asking for the Supreme Leader's intervention.

Several religious leaders have dismissed Hamedan court interpretation bringing the charge of blasphemy against Aghajari.

In his letter to the Supreme Leader, Minister of Science, Research nd Technology Mostafa Moin said that Aghajari is a war veteran and has proved his commitment to Islam both in theory and action bringing such a heavy charge against him is irrelevant.

Friday Prayers Leader from Abadan Hojjatoleslam Gholamhossein Jam said that he knew Aghajari for the past 30 years and he testifies the defendant's faith in Islam and the Islamic Republic."