Monday, January 17, 2005

Office to Consolidate Unity Not to Back

Iran Daily: "OCU Not to Back
Any Presidential Candidate

TEHRAN, Jan. 16--Secretary of the Office to Consolidate Unity Abdollah Momeni on Sunday said the student movement will not endorse any of the presidential candidates.
"The main concern of the student activists is that democratic principles are abided by the rulership," he told ILNA.
Commenting on the issue of unity among fundamentalist forces, Momeni said, "Since the monopolist current has entered the scene to gain control over the pillars of the Islamic system in a planned manner, it does not appear that the fundamentalists would encounter problems for forging unity among themselves."
The OCU secretary stressed that the fundamentalists do not adhere to democracy.
"It seems that fundamentalists are playing games and intend to obtain results by giving the impression that they are following democratic principles," he said.
Momeni noted that the fundamentalist current would ultimately reach consensus over one single presidential candidate and the present hue and cry is only a gimmick.
He also said that fundamentalists would not allow reformers to win the presidential race by manipulating the electoral process.
"Since the people have developed a negative attitude toward reformers who are confused and divided, and the fact that reformist candidates may be disqualified by the Guardians Council, the result of the next presidential election is known in advance. It is obvious that the fundamentalists will win the race," he concluded."