Monday, January 10, 2005

Unity of Fundamentalists Worrying Reformist Front

Iran Daily: "Unity of Fundamentalists Worrying
Reformist Front

TEHRAN, Jan. 10--Consensus of fundamentalists has caused concerns to the reformist front, a political activist and senior editor of the Persian daily Resalat said.
Speaking in the weekly session of Tehran's Ansar-e Hezbollah, Amir Mohebbian added that reformers have tried to prevent unity among fundamentalists through different means.
"One of the methods used by reformers is highlighting capabilities of a particular fundamentalist candidate and trying to present the person as the most capable candidate," he said.
Mohebbian also opined that reformers are trying to pretend that fundamentalists are deceiving the people.
Commenting on allegations by reformers pertaining to undermining people's votes, he rejected it by stating that fundamentalists believe in people's votes.
"A select committee has negotiated with five candidates and they have also given suitable responses," he said."