Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Velayati opposed to resumption of ties with US

Velayati opposed to resumption of ties with US: "elayati opposed to resumption of ties with US

Tehran, Oct 11, IRNA -- Ali Akbar Velayati, senior advisor to the supreme leader of the Islamic revolution on international affairs expressed opposition on Friday to an idea on the resumption of ties with the United States.

Velayati said it is a flagrant mistake on part of some individuals in Iran to call for talks with the US authorities on the normalization of ties in a time when the US policies are subject to anti-US demonstrations worldwide.

Speaking in a gathering of students, Velayati said those countries which have been a key ally of the United States are now opposed to the US policies and are targeted by the US enmity.

The Americans don't attach importance to other states and have created many problems for the Muslims the world over, he noted.

Velayati further said the US has targeted Islam and Muslims, adding that in Palestine the Muslim militants have brought the United States to their kneels.

The freedom struggles of the Palestinians have made some 800,000 Jewish leave Palestine over the past year.

He referred to the attitudes of those who are pinning hopes on the United States and said that the US is by no means to be trusted.

He said if Palestinians continue the Intifada the Israeli regime and the US would face serious problems as their ploys in the Middle East have failed to bring about desired results for them.

He condemned the US and Israeli policies and bullying tactics against the Muslim nations in the Middle East and called for stronger unity among Muslims to deal with the conspiracies of enemies of Islam.

The United States is trying just to materialize the objectives of Israel and to guarantee Israel's security, he said."