Friday, February 04, 2005

Iran Daily: Mohsen Rezaei differs from Rafsanjani on Economic Policy

Iran Daily: "Rezaei: Don't' Push Radical Theories

Mohsen Rezaei

TEHRAN, Feb. 4-A potential conservative presidential aspirant on Friday said if the Council for Coordinating the forces of Islamic Revolution transcended fundamentalism and insisted on radical measures or repeated the mistakes of the past, it would not be an effective organization.
Mohsen Rezaei told IRNA, "My perception is that if the council adheres to its fundamentalist line, it will endure. But if it leans towards radicalism, it will disintegrate."
The fundamentalist current groups the coalition of traditional rightists, Developers of Islamic Iran (DII) and forces of Islamic Revolution.
"Some people may want to misinterpret the very founding philosophies of fundamentalists and the DII. This can create a rift between them because fundamentalists and DII do not belong to one specific person," he noted.
Rezaei, who is currently secretary-general of the State Expediency Council (SEC), said that he welcomes contesting the next presidential vote against SEC Chairman Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani.
"That Rafsanjani and I are both members of the SEC does not necessarily mean we share the same views. My position on economic, cultural and management spheres is different from Mr. Rafsanjani. I have not so far spoken about such differences because there was no need to do so," he observed.
Asked whether he would run for president, as an independent if the council did not nominate him, he asserted, "I have said that if the fundamentalists uphold justice and maintain their fundamentalist tendencies, I will be with them. I still insist on this perspective. But, if we make decisions in haste, it may not be expedient in the long run.""