Friday, February 04, 2005

Iran Daily: Moshen Armin Sees Rafsanjani, Moin on Top

Iran Daily: "Armin Sees Rafsanjani, Moin on Top

TEHRAN, Feb. 4--A leading political activist believes Mostafa Moin and Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani will be the final runner-ups in the June presidential election.
In a meeting with members of the advisory and planning committees of Moin's election headquarters on Friday, Moshen Armin said the final contest will be between former higher education minister (Moin) and former president Rafsanjani. He expressed hope the former would emerge as the winner, IRNA reported.
Apparently irritated by repeated queries by the media on the possibility of Moin's qualifications being rejected by the Council of Guardians, Armin wondered why the press never posed the same question about other candidates. "There are no ambiguities or uncertainties about Moin's background and he should definitely receive a clean bill of health from the watchdog body."
The former MP and prominent pro-reform activist added that, "I wouldn't like to mention any names. But there could be enough reason to reject the qualifications of some aspirants, though the possibility is very low."
Armin said past experience had shown that the performance of supervisory bodies can be manipulated by political and social circumstances. "Some of those whose qualifications were thrown out in one election were allowed to run in another," he recalled.
Armin was of the opinion that the high number of candidates in the upcoming election shows Iranians had achieved a high level of political maturity."