Monday, February 07, 2005

Iran Daily: Tajzadeh: Reformists Will Win Election

Iran Daily "Tajzadeh: Reformists Will Win Election

Abdollah Ramezan-Zadeh

Mostafa Tajzadeh

TEHRAN, Feb. 6--A former Interior Ministry official believes for the first time in the history of the Islamic Republic, a presidential election will go into a second round.
Mostafa Tajzadeh, said Sunday this presupposition has relieved reformists of concerns for failing to introduce a consensual candidate, ISNA reported.
"Should the elections enter a second round, the pro-reform camp will definitely agree (support) on the
candidate who will have garnered the highest number of votes," he said.
The well-known reformist was speaking on the sidelines of a ceremony to introduce Mohammad-Reza Khatami as running mate to presidential hopeful, Mostafa Moin.
"God-willing, we will win the election."
Asked if the failure to agree on a single candidate could undermine the chances of reformist in the June vote,
Tajzadeh said since it is unlikely that conservatives could prevail in the first round, forging a consensus will not be a determining factor for reformists.
"That is unless they (the rightists) manage somehow to keep people in their homes (on voting day)."
Sounding more confident than before of a reformist victory in the key elections, Tajzadeh almost totally rejected any possibility of the rightists winning the next presidency as expected.
Speaking at the same ceremony, government spokesman, Abdollah Ramezan-Zadeh said the government would do its best to ensure the elections are free and fair.
He said the government's focus now is on completing the major economic projects, details of which will be made` public soon."