Thursday, February 17, 2005

Iran News - Iran's Reformists Prepare For Defeat

Iran News - Iran's reformists pushing for civil liberties: "Iran's reformists pushing for civil liberties

Thursday, February 17, 2005 - ©2005

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LONDON, Feb 17 (IranMania) - Iran's leading reformist, Saeed Hajjarian, said reformers will continue to fulfill their main duty of pushing for democracy and civil liberties.

"If defeated in the next presidential election and sidelined from the political limelight, we (reformers) will use the spare time to learn more about democracy and how it serves accountability, violence and morality," ISNA further quoted him as saying on Wednesday.

"This would be a good opportunity for us to refresh our power and strength and make a strong comeback," he said.

Hajjarian lauded President Mohammad Khatami's administration for pioneering the process of political development and was confident that even if the conservative faction manages to win the elections, they would not remain in power for more than one term.

"Conservatives face numerous domestic and foreign challenges such as the issue of human rights, factional disputes and constant rivalry with reformists," he said."