Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Moin Promises Support for Political Dissidents - Can this really Be His Main Concern For The IRI?

Iran Daily: "Moin Outlines Priorities

Mostafa Moin

TEHRAN, Feb. 2--Presidential hopeful Mostafa Moin said on Wednesday that as IranÕs next chief executive, his main concern would be to prevent further deterioration of the situation and loosen up undue restrictions on peopleÕs rights and freedoms.
Speaking to IRNA staff, Moin said support for press freedoms and ending repeated persecution of mediapersons, including webloggers and political dissidents, will be among his top priorities.
The former minister of science, research and technology reaffirmed his support for reforms initiated by the incumbent president, making it clear that if he were elected, he would continue on the same path and try to make better use of potentials and opportunities by considering the Khatami administrationÕs strong and weak points.
ÒThough my government will have a new set of priorities and management configuration, the same emphasis will be made on reforms,Ó he said.
Moin said he favors the idea a consensus reformist candidate, noting that he would quit in favor of such as person should he attain public approval through an authentic opinion poll.
ÒThe main features of my government would be the use of cooperative management, stress on scientific-based performance, adherence to democratic processes in running state affairs as well as moral and humanistic behaviors by state officials and staff,Ó he said.
Moin said he was not affiliated to any particular faction and that meritocracy rather than factional tendencies would be his criterion for selecting members of his cabinet. ÒUnder equal conditions, I will select energetic and proficient individuals whose ideologies match those of my own as closely as possible,Ó he said.
Commenting on the results of the seventh parliamentary election which returned the conservatives to power, he said the results did not imply that reformists have been totally defeated but only sidelined. He described it as an Òimposed defeatÓ.
Elsewhere in his remarks, Moin congratulated Iraqis for their enthusiastic and unprecedented participation in the national election, despite the risk of terrorist attacks."