Thursday, March 10, 2005

Iran Daily: Rafsanjani Still Reluctant

Iran Daily: "Rafsanjani Still Reluctant

GORGAN, Golestan, March 9--Chairman of State Expediency Council Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani on Wednesday reiterated that he prefers somebody else to run for president.
According to IRNA, Rafsanjani, who was speaking to reporters after the inauguration ceremony for Golestan-2 Dam, added, “I believe that the person who wants to become the next president should have two characteristics. Firstly, he should be competent enough to run the country’s affairs and secondly he should be acceptable to the people.“
He noted that there is no need for him to run for president if people support the plans of a certain nominee.
Asked whether any of the presidential nominees possess these characteristics, he said, “Yes, they are competent enough to run the country’s affairs, but I do not know whether the people support them or not.“
Commenting on projects that are currently being inaugurated in President Mohammad Khatami’s administration, Rafsanjani said, “Infrastructural plans take a long time to become operational. During all the three development plans, facilities were provided for implementing infrastructural projects. I congratulate the Khatami administration because it did not allow these plans to remain pending.“"