Monday, March 07, 2005

Larijani Campaigns on Corruption and Injustice

Iran Daily: "Corruption, Injustice Main Problems

TEHRAN, March 7--A presidential candidate, Ali Larijani, said discrimination, corruption and injustice are main problems facing the country, IRNA reported.
“Economic shortcomings are presently the people’s main concern,“ Larijani told a group of Sharif Industrial University students on Monday.
He said according to a recent opinion poll, a majority of Iranians do not believe state efforts to alleviate poverty will yield tangible results.
Larijani, also the former head of the state TV and radio, pointed out that 88 percent believe bribery is the most rampant financial crime in public organizations, especially those in direct and more intense interactions with the people.
“Also, 67 percent of those surveyed complained about low wages, 36 percent were worried about job insecurity and more than 93 percent said fixing the economy is the best way to reign in inancial corruption,“ he said.
Larijani also said obstructive laws and regulations and state monopoly on the economy are among factors behind a widening social gap in Iran.
“One way to promote social and economic justice is by getting rid of discriminatory laws that favor certain groups, while it is also important that corrupt officials be dismissed at once and without any consideration,“ he said."