Monday, March 14, 2005

The People Rise Up Against Moin Campaign

Iran Daily: "Moin Meeting Attacked

TEHRAN, March 12--Leading reformist, Mohsen Armin, condemned the attack on the election meeting by presidential candidate, Mostafa Moin, in Isfahan and said anti-reformists are indirectly trying to undermine Moin and other reformist candidatesÕ bid for presidency, IRNA reported on Saturday.
Armin, also the spokesman of Islamic RevolutionÕs Mujahideen Organization, said new elements have been hired to disrupt electoral meetings by reformist nominees.
A number of unknown assailants interrupted MoinÕs meeting with a group of Isfahan University students, their second bid after trying to also disrupt a similar meeting by Moin in the city of Mashhad.
Armin said past failures have persuaded authoritarian groups to refrain from challenging their rivals directly through their traditional supporters.
ÒThey have trained new forces to do the job for them which is the best way to escape public criticism,Ó he said.
Also criticizing the performance of the state TV vis-ˆ-vis the June 17th presidential election, Armin said by ridiculing certain candidates, airing biased news and reports, and spreading baseless rumors, the IRIB intends to keep people at home on election day."