Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Scientific Growth Unsatisfactory: Mostafa Moin

Iran Daily: "Scientific Growth Unsatisfactory

TEHRAN, March 1--Although Iran’s scientific output is not satisfactory, it has considerably improved in the past 20 years, former minister of science, research and technology said.
Noting that scientific journals have increased tenfold in the past 40 years, Mostafa Moin pointed out on Tuesday that there is a close link between gross domestic product and scientific output of countries, ISNA reported.
Moin, also a candidate in the June 17 presidential election, noted that Iran ranks first in terms of scientific output growth.
“A decline in the US share in scientific output declined to 36 percent in 1996 from 41 percent in 1981. This means that the share of European and Asian countries in scientific output has increased,“ he said.
He further said most of Iran’s scientific output are in the fields of basic, medical and engineering sciences.
“Tehran Medical University has published more than 500 articles in scientific journals during 2003-4,“ he said.
Moin regretted that Iran has had the lowest scientific output in human sciences and arts."