Friday, April 22, 2005

Asgharzadeh throws his hat in the ring Tehran Times Political Desk

Description of Selected News: "Asgharzadeh throws his hat in the ring Tehran Times Political Desk

TEHRAN (MNA) -- Solidarity Party Secretary General Ebrahim Asgharzadeh officially announced that he would be a candidate in the upcoming presidential election here on Friday.

Asgharzadeh is now the reformists’ fourth candidate along with former science minister Mostafa Moin, former Majlis speaker Mahdi Karrubi, and Vice President Mohsen Mehralizadeh.

Reformist figure mulling candidacy

Ayatollah Mostafa Mohaghegh Damad said here on Friday that he would announce his final decision on his candidacy in early May.

“I have not yet decided whether or not to run in the election, but political parties and groups are constantly bringing up the issue,” the reformist figure told the Mehr News Agency.

Mohaghegh Damad noted that various political and economic experts and scholars have called on him to run for president, adding that so far negotiations on his participation in the election have not reached a conclusion.

The university professor confirmed that he had recently met with the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution but denied that the meeting was related to his possible candidacy.

Moin to be IIPP standard-bearer: spokesman

The spokesman of the Khorasan branch of the Islamic Iran Participation Party said on Friday that the IIPP had selected Mostafa Moin as its presidential candidate.

Nasser Amoli told the Mehr News Agency correspondent in Mashhad that there would probably be a run-off this year, adding that in the second round of the election the IIPP would obviously negotiate with members of the Association of Combatant Clerics, whose secretary general, Mahdi Karrubi, is also its presidential candidate.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Amoli expressed the view that the conservatives would probably reach a consensus on the candidacy of former police chief Mohammad Baqer Qalibaf.

Big jobs can only be done by big governments: Tavakoli

Presidential candidate Ahmad Tavakoli said in Kermanshah on Thursday that he aims to create a healthy, industrious, and economical government.

Tavakoli noted that the future government should serve the people rather than a particular group, adding that big jobs can only be carried out by big and powerful governments.

Elsewhere in his remarks, the MP said that he would only withdraw from the election in favor of the people’s preferred candidate.

Public participation essential for development: Tehran mayor

Tehran Mayor Mahmud Ahmadi-Nejad said in Zanjan on Thursday that a strong relationship between the people and the country’s officials would help to create a powerful and honorable Iran.

The presidential candidate noted that the youth are the country’s main source for progress and development, adding that the Iranian youth are the best in the world in regard to honesty, virtue, faithfulness, and national and religious zeal.

He said that the people should play key roles in the economic, cultural, and political spheres, adding that public participation would lead to national development."