Saturday, April 09, 2005

Hesabi’s Son Runs For Presidency

Iran Daily: "Hesabi’s Son Runs For Presidency

TEHRAN, April 6--Iraj Hesabi, late Professor Mahmoud Hesabi’s son, has nominated himself for presidency.
Professor Hesabi Foundation, in a fax to ISNA on Wednesday, added, “Since the beginning of the victory of the Islamic Revolution, Professor Hesabi, in light of his profound belief, maintained that the glory and grandeur of Iran and the need to acquire self-sufficiency are the only ways of boosting the country’s credibility on the international scene. And this cannot be achieved without pursuing knowledge and research. Based on this line of thought, after waiting for a quarter century, the professor’s students and teachers as well as representatives of students and researchers who are somehow linked to the foundation asked Iraj Hesabi to take the opportunity and run for president.“
Professor Mahmoud Hesabi was one of the top and most distinguished scientists of the Middle East in the 20th century."