Friday, April 22, 2005

Iran Daily; Larijani, Rightists’ Final Nominee

Iran Daily: "Larijani, Rightists’ Final Nominee

SCC Undecided

TEHRAN, April 22--Council for Coordinating the Forces of Islamic Revolution in its latest meeting has decided to declare Leader’s Representative in the Supreme National Security Council Ali Larijani as the final nominee of rightists in the June 17 presidential race, an informed source said Friday.
The source, talking on condition of anonymity to IRNA, added, “The council made its decision on the basis of individual popularity, efficacy, surveys conducted among various groups and the elite as well as a general opinion poll. Larijani gained the highest score on the basis of these four considerations. Although Larijani got a lower score than Leader’s Advisor Ali Akbar Velayati in the category of general opinion poll, he was declared the final candidate of the council.“
Meanwhile, Society for Combatant Clergy (SCC)-Tehran Office said on Thursday it is uncertain about supporting the candidacy of Ali Larijani, the society’s secretary-general for Tehran announced.
Speaking on the sidelines of a meeting of Tehran Province’s Friday prayer leaders, Ayatollah Mohammad Reza Mahdavi-Kani also told reporters that the decision to support Larijani only concerns the council and has nothing to do with the SCC-Tehran Office.
Asked about SCC’s support for the candidacy of Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani in case he runs in the election, Mahdavi-Kani noted that the SCC has not yet decided whether to support Rafsanjani. "