Sunday, April 24, 2005

Iran Daily - Mostafa Moin: Treatment of University Students, The Best Benchmark

Iran Daily: "Treatment of University Students, The Best Benchmark

TEHRAN, April 24--Presidential candidate, Mostafa Moin, said on Sunday the manner in which political groups and presidential candidates treat university students, print media and political prisoners is the best way of knowing their commitment to national solidarity and public participation.
"Political currents that still rely on traditional approaches may not be happy with setting up such a benchmark," he said.
Asked about the verdicts issued for university activists, Moin said illegal and violent acts contradict national interests, IRNA reported.
He noted that there is no place for bargaining about social and political responsibilities, but the best method is to engage in legal interactions.
"The executive branch should respect the rights of other branches of powers during interactions," he said.
Noting that the experience of President Mohammad Khatami's cabinet can be used by a future government, the presidential candidate pointed out that since there was no reformist experience before Khatami he had to start from scratch.
"However, reformers can now use the experiences of President Khatami," he added.
Commenting on cultural policies of the Khatami administration, Moin said cultural policies improved greatly in Khatami's era in comparison with previous governments.
"Despite the important role played by science and culture in human resource development, they have been neglected," he concluded."