Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Iran News - Management, a major challenge: Iran's Moin

Iran News - Management, a major challenge: Iran's Moin: "Management, a major challenge: Iran's Moin

Wednesday, April 27, 2005 - ©2005
LONDON, April 27 (IranMania) - Mostafa Moin, a candidate for the June 17 presidential elections, referred to management as the country's major challenge.

In a meeting with the citizens of Talesh--a majority of whom are Sunni, Moin said politics, culture and economy of Iran suffer from traditional and old-age structures that cannot address the needs of the new generation, IRNA reported.

"Our management has the lowest level of productivity and the absence of productivity means wastage of resources. So, we need development-oriented management in different sectors," he said.

Moin, also a former minister of higher education, said his approach towards the country's affairs would be a scientific one with the cooperation of elites from different arenas of science.

Calling for attention to cultural and human resources, he said the education department as a means of cultural development is in an "inappropriate situation".

"We have come to launch a collective move to promote ethics, social welfare, tolerance, democratic principles, reforms and respect, and prevent authoritarianism, discrimination, apart from acknowledging justice and Islamic ends," he said.

Moin further said every candidate should participate in the presidential election based on a sense of responsibility."