Sunday, May 29, 2005

Campaign In Tatters Karroubi Refuses To Withdraw

Iran News - POLL WATCH: Rafsanjani feels obliged by faith: "Karroubi Not Withdrawing
Former Majlis Speaker Mehdi Karroubi said on Thursday he would not withdraw from the presidential race in any other candidate’s favor.
“If I win the election, I will try to continue the reform movement,“ he added.

Speaking to reporters, he added, “The reform movement does not belong to (President Mohammad) Khatami or me; it has rather stemmed from our culture, constitution, drive for democracy, freedom of thought and the very foundations of the Islamic Revolution. The people cast 20 million votes so that reform would be implemented, but there also exist obstacles.“

On Iran’s right of utilizing nuclear technology, he said, “Our foreign relations are based on dژtente and reciprocity. Nuclear negotiations should continue. If elected, I will try to win the trust of the world by continuing negotiations. The point is that America and Israel wish to seek pretexts and we must confront them. Even if Iran’s uranium enrichment activities cease, they will raise another pretext such as terrorism or human rights.“"