Sunday, May 29, 2005

Former Communist Behzad Nabavi Cries Like a Little Girl About The Election

Iran News - POLL WATCH: Rafsanjani feels obliged by faith: "Moin’s Disqualification Against Reforms
A senior member of Mostafa Moin’s Electoral Headquarters on Thursday said Moin’s disqualification by the Guardians Council was a premeditated plan to strike a blow against the triumphant reform movement.

Behzad Nabavi, addressing supporters of Moin at Labor Ministry, added, “Those who devised this plan believe that if Moin does not agree to run for president, the reformers would have abandoned the idea of free participation in the presidential race. They also maintain that if Moin decides to run, then it means reformers do not believe in what they say themselves and accept a state decree only when it is beneficial to them.“

According to IRNA, Nabavi, who is a leading member of Islamic Revolution’s Mujahideen Organization (IRMO), also said, “Therefore, those who devised this plan intended to confuse reformers so that they would not be sure whether they should cast ballots or not. Another objective of this plan was to defame the progressive reformers. The opponents of the reform movement wish to say that if Moin decides to run, reformers do not adhere to their own principles and if Moin does not run, it only means reformers did not wish to run from the beginning and were happy about his disqualification.“"