Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Iran News - Koulaei deputy head of Islamic Iran Participation Front Praises Rafsanjani

Iran News - Koulaei criticizes military men in Iran's election: "Koulaei criticizes military men in Iran's election

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LONDON, May 17 (IranMania) - A university professor said people will not elect former military commanders, if the June 17 presidential election is held in a free and competitive atmosphere.

Elaheh Koulaei also told reporters on Monday that if a military man is elected as president, it is tantamount to the end of democracy in the country, IRNA reported.

Koulaei, who is also deputy head of Islamic Iran Participation Front, noted that military men worry about security issues and not democracy.

“Some cynics try to show that presence of military personnel is crucial by pretending that the reformist movement has been unsuccessful,“ she said.

Commenting on international determination for bringing about fundamental changes in the Middle East, Koulaei said it is not appropriate to bow to foreign pressure for enforcing social reforms, despite an internal effort for sociopolitical reforms since Iran’s Constitutional Movement some 100 years ago.

She also said since military personnel cannot play a role in restoring democracy, they will make the country more prone to foreign threats, stressing that only particular political groups favor the election of a military commander.

Koulaei referred to the presence of State Expediency Council Chairman Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani in the presidential election as a positive move.

“Reformers consider Iran’s national interests in establishing ties with other countries while national interests have always been neglected in this regard,“ she said."