Monday, May 09, 2005

Karrubi advocates détente policy

Description of Selected News: "Karrubi advocates détente policy

Presidential hopeful Mahdi Karrubi said on Monday that he believes the reformists should try to reach a consensus, but added that he could not take any measure in that direction because he feels it is his duty to run for president and will not withdraw.

Speaking at the inauguration ceremony of his campaign headquarters in Mashhad, the former Majlis speaker elaborated on the strategy his cabinet would adopt if he won the election, saying he would convey the message of peace and friendship to the entire world and would be prepared to negotiate and cooperate with any country that is benevolent.

He also stated that he would follow a policy of détente while at the same time upholding Iran’s ideals and defending its interests, noting that Iran would neither bludgeon others nor accept being bludgeoned."