Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Karrubi objects to disqualifications of presidential candidates

Description of Selected News: "Karrubi objects to disqualifications of presidential candidates

Tehran Times Political Desk
TEHRAN -- Presidential hopeful Mahdi Karrubi issued a statement on Monday objecting to the disqualification of some presidential candidates and particularly the reformist candidates.

The former Majlis speaker’s statement read, “It was expected that in the current situation in our country, in order to safeguard the national interests of the Iranian nation and also to encourage people to massively turnout for the elections, which would definitely strengthen the government’s legitimacy, the Guardian Council would avoid illegal disqualifications, and refrain from repeating the experiences of the fourth and seventh Majlis (elections), but it seems that this expectation is doomed to failure. “However, it is hoped that in the remaining period of time, the people’s turnout would be given priority and the candidates would be given the opportunity to actively run for president.”

I disapprove of any move that negatively affects participation: Qalibaf

Presidential candidate Mohammad Baqer Qalibaf announced on Monday that encouraging public participation in the poll has been one of his main goals for running in the election.

Qalibaf told the Fars news agency that he would disapprove of any measure which would negatively affect a massive turnout in the June 17 presidential election.

Moin says his rejection is unfair, unreasonable

A rejected nominee of the 9th presidential election, former science minister Mostafa Moin, said on Monday he would say no word to the Guardian Council but talk only to the nation, according to IRNA.

"This move is unfair, unreasonable, and illegal," he said.

Guardian Council announced Sunday the names of six candidates, who have been allowed to stand as president in the June 17 election, rejecting the qualification of more than 1,000 who had registered to run in the race.

Experts would determine policies in Larijani cabinet: campaign spokesman

MP Mohammad Hossein Farhangi, the spokesman of Ali Larijani’s election headquarters, said here on Monday that in Larijani’s “cabinet of hope”, professional groups would determine the policies.

Farhangi, who represents Tabriz in the Majlis, added that a number of experts and professors have begun studies on both domestic and foreign policy.

Rezaii says economy should be popularized

Presidential candidate Mohsen Rezaii said here on Monday that the next government should popularize the economy and provide the people with access to equal economic opportunities.

He explained that popularizing the economy means making the people the beneficiaries in the economic interests of the country.

Underlining the necessity of preventing the United States from taking advantage of the people’s frustration, Rezaii noted that the next government should focus all its energy on the people’s livelihood and the economy, and satisfy the people through supporting smaller industries.

VP protests GC decision barring him from presidential election

Iranian Vice President Mohsen Mehralizadeh here on Monday protested against the Guardian Council’s decision to reject his qualifications to be a candidate in Iran’s ninth presidential election.

Mehralizadeh immediately called for the restoration of his legal right.

On Sunday, the GC approved six candidates for the June 17 election and rejected over 1000 others who had registered to be candidates.

Mehralizadeh and Moin, whose qualifications were also rejected, are longtime allies of President Mohammad Khatami.

Mehralizadeh called his disqualification illegal, saying the people will make the correct judgment.

Addressing the people, he said, "The Guardian Council has rejected my qualifications to run in the ninth presidential election. "Since I have found the Guardian Council’s view illegal and in sharp contradiction to the absolute principles of the Constitution, I have written a letter of protest to the GC calling on them to restore my legal right."