Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Karrubi says any idea against people is reactionary

Description of Selected News: "Karrubi says any idea against people is reactionary

Tehran Times Political Desk
Tehran (MNA) -- During his presidential campaign visit to Bojnurd, Khorasan Province on Monday, Mahdi Karrubi, the former Majlis speaker and the current presidential hopeful said that reforms belong to the Islamic Republic and the Iranian nation and will survive as long as the nation lives.

Referring to President Mohammad Khatami’s valuable measures in conducting reforms in the country, Karrubi said that any idea that is against people’s movements is reactionary.

Liquidity should be steered instead of restrained

Presidential candidate Mohsen Rezaii told students in the Shahrud Industrial University on Tuesday that the main reason behind price rises in Iran is liquidity.

He added that the current monetary policy in Iran is not successful and that liquidity should be steered instead of restrained.

Rezaii further noted that people should believe that the government supports them and tries to provide their security and well-being.

Tehran mayor criticizes media for failing to promote enthusiastic poll

Tehran Mayor, Mahmud Ahmadinejad said in an interview with the Mehr News Agency on Tuesday that some media outlets create psychological warfare against the presidential election instead of promoting an enthusiastic participation in the poll.

Everyone should work for the country, the nation and the Islamic Revolution rather than instigating hatred among various people, he stressed."