Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Moin signs up for presidential election, welcomes Rafsanjani's candidacy - Irna

Moin signs up for presidential election, welcomes Rafsanjani's candidacy Tehran, May 11, IRNAMoin signs up for presidential election, welcomes Rafsanjani's candidacy Tehran, May 11, IRNA
9th Presidential Election-Moin
Presidential candidate Mostafa Moin on Wednesday signed up for election and welcomed candidacy of Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani.

He told reporters after signing up at the Interior Ministry that he welcomes presence of prominent and national figures in the election.

"Presence of national figures and diversity in the election contest indicate the extent to which the 9th presidential election is serious."
"Rafsanjani's presence can help safety and freedom of election away from narrow-mindedness and violation. God willing, we will have good contest to speed up democracy in Iran," he said.

Asked about possible candidacy of former prime minister Mir Hossein Mousavi, he said that Mousavi's presence will also help make the election more serious.

He said that election will be held on the basis of national interest and the will of the nation and that establishment of democracy is the topic of consensus.

"When we come to the principle of national consensus, we will absolutely reach a common view," Moin said.

Answering a question whether he will withdraw in favor of the other reformist candidate, Mehdi Karroubi, He said that he entered to scene of election on the basis of scientific criteria and realism and he will proceed with the election until the end.

A reporter asked about may-be rejection of his qualification by the Guardian Council, he said that such a possibility is unacceptable for the public opinion and the elite people of the society.

He said that the opponents of reform may have pinned hope in such an undemocratic way of competition.

Moin complained about "unethical" way of competition of opponents of the reform and said that such a practice will encourage the people to vote for the reformers.

He predicted that the reformist candidate will be elected in the first round of the election.

Moin said that he would form a strong government to restore the constitutional rights of the people.

He said that with establishment of a strong government he would overcome the challenges ahead for carrying out his mandate.

Asked to comment about his rivals, he said that the reformist candidate has no major rival.

He said that lack of maximum turnout on June 17 election, would be a major detriment to the 9th presidential election and the goal of democracy to come true.

A country with longstanding culture and civilization and the scientific level deserves the right to enjoy nuclear energy in line with the international conventions, Moin said in reply to a question about national nuclear program.

"Of course, we should deprive opponents of Iran's nuclear program of any excuse with embarking on confidence-building with the international community," Moin said.

"Confidence-building and negotiations are effective factors to remove doubts about Iranian nuclear program."
On Iran-US relations, he said that he would revise foreign policy if he took office and would honor the principle of confidence-building and understanding with the international community on the basis of national interest.

"Concerning relations with the United States, we should remove the sensitivities. Negotiations should be held on equal terms and the US should get away from its past deeds," Moin said.