Thursday, May 26, 2005

Rafsanjani says feels obliged by faith to take part in elections - Irna

Rafsanjani says feels obliged by faith to take part in elections - Irna: "Rafsanjani says feels obliged by faith to take part in elections Tehran, May 26, IRNA
9th Presidential Election-Rafsanjani
Hojjatoleslam Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani told a groups of MPs here Wednesday, "Till very last moments I hesitated whether to nominate myself or not, wishing that others would shoulder the responsibility, but under current conditions, I feel obliged by faith to run for the post."
According to a report by Rafsanjani's Office, the Head of Expediency Council in the meeting emphasized the need for all three branches of the government to interact with one another properly for the system's satisfactory proceeding.

He added, "I care for working with politically-solid parliament, believing that a chaotic parliament in which political disputes erupt too often is an obstacle blocking the path of the country's development."
The 9th Presidential Election hopeful reiterated, "Disputes and crises are fatal poisonous for the system, and bear no fruit for the revolution, while solidarity and harmony among various organs of the system guarantee the country's prosperity."
Head of the Expediency Council said resolving crises is of great importance under current conditions of the country, arguing, "Acting based on the currently applied strategies, and resorting to methods aimed at safeguarding national peace and security throughout the country, we can boost the economy, lower the inflation, uproot unemployment, and create a joyful social atmosphere."
He said, "The topics of my comprehensive plan for ruling the society are being drafted and would be presented to the society within the next few days."
The meeting, attended by more than 100 MPs, began with the comments of two representatives, who reflected their viewpoints regarding the 9th Presidential Election, governance method, and parliament-cabinet relation in the future."