Thursday, June 02, 2005

Adventures of Mr.Behi: IRIB interview with Mohammad B. Ghalibaf

Adventures of Mr.Behi: IRIB interview with Mohammad B. Ghalibaf: "IRIB interview with Mohammad B. Ghalibaf
I agree with what is done in former government while I also disagree so let me tell you what you already know! This is what I could gather from Ghalibaf's interview with IRIB tonight. He emphasized a lot on economy escaping from the debates that could lead to social and political questions that might debate his former role in the top management as police chief. Mr. Ghalibaf was on TV trying to be cheerful but his tone of voice was conspicuously like an army officer likewise the number of times he used "Should" and "Must" among his words. Read More below...

He did his best criticizing economical decisions made by the former cabinets referring to the wrong path he believed Iran has followed within the last sixteen years. The funny part was the time he came across the unfair aid that government gives to Petrol consumers to keep the price low. He was criticizing the fact that this price is questionably low and the aid is actually being given to those who own private cars and are considerably rich in income. (Time out! We have not forgotten yet that a few months ago, the conservative parliament opposed the increase in price of petrol and key economic marshal of the parliament, Ahmad Tavakoli is a key supporter of Ghalibaf. )
For privatization, I did not get what he finally meant as he once mentioned he is up to make privatization of non profitable public companies while his idea about controlling the economy was like fossil theories of communism!
It was clear from the beginning that he is not fully aware of what he says and it became solid when he made his point on WTO membership and he said that he agrees with membership but no he disagrees! Because he thinks foreign import will make low quality domestic products to go out of business and unemployment will be the result (he forgot that this can make domestic industries active to reach international quality).
You know what, if you ride in a taxi in Tehran and ask the taxi driver these questions, you get more or less the same answers if not wiser! Then what is the difference between regular mob and a Ph.D. holder like Ghalibaf (Who gave him the degree anyway?)
Changes in Society: Answering what he thinks as a major social challenge today he replied "Lack of awareness of social changes among managers of the country" He implied that he is aware and I wished if the interviewer would have asked how much such awareness of his could decrease actions against the youth by police forces when he was their boss."