Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Iran News - Voters asked to help check radicalism

Iran News - Voters asked to help check radicalism: "Voters asked to help check radicalism

Tuesday, June 21, 2005 - ©2005 IranMania.com
LONDON, June 21 (IranMania) - Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani issued a communique and thanked the people for their massive turnout in the June 17 presidential election, urging them to show up in large numbers in the second round in order to check radicalism, according to Iran Daily.

Part of the communique read, "I thank the people who gloriously showed up at the polling stations and placed trust in me as one of the candidates of the first round " What was expected, along with the notion of public participation in the election, was correct campaign activities, which unfortunately did not happen and contaminated the election due to the organized interference of some groups. " I hereby urge related officials to immediately attend to the complaints raised so far in a fair manner and also pay heed to the complaint raised by my brother, Mehdi Karroubi, about the results of certain provinces."

Rafsanjani also said the same line of thought that blamed the late Imam Khomeini for the death of people who gave their blood for the wellbeing of the Islamic Revolution has now engaged in demagoguery and insists that its faulty ideology complies with genuine Islam.

"My electoral manifesto remains the same. My focus will be on removal of poverty from the face of the country, creating social justice, procuring sociopolitical freedoms, observance of women's rights, generating new jobs and pursuing new ways for active interaction with the outside world," he said.

Meanwhile, head of the Council for National-Religious Activists, Ezzatollah Sahabi said all groups and individuals should vote for Rafsanjani in the second round.

"Even those who boycotted the election (in the first round) should vote for Rafsanjani," he said.

In related news, Spokesman of Iranian Hezbollah Mojtaba Bigdeli said the governing atmosphere is contaminated and some wish to defame Rafsanjani in an unprecedented manner.

"Some people mistakenly claim that Rafsanjani is the enemy of the people of Iran and that his rival is immaculate. But we believe that they both are children of the Islamic Revolution. We believe that we need Rafsanjani for the country to advance further," he said."