Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Khaleej Times Online

Khaleej Times Online: "Censorship no longer working, says Iran’s Rafsanjani

1 June 2005
TEHERAN - Iranian presidential candidate Akbar Hashemi- Rafsanjani said that censorship was no longer working in Iran, local media reported on Wednesday.

Speaking late Tuesday during a meeting with Iranian film and music artists, Rafsanjani said that Iran was in the era of “data transfer” and that authorities were powerless to stop the “explosive flow” of information.

“Therefore the mechanism of censorship and physical control is no longer working,” added the 70-year-old cleric, who is regarded as the favourite to win June 17 presidential elections.

The conservative clergy in Iran has in the last eight years imposed suppressive measures on the country’s press and ordered the closure of almost 100 publications. Numerous political websites are blocked upon judiciary order.

“Today’s censorship system is either useless or has a reverse effect, therefore we need new mechanisms,” Rafsanjani said."