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Rafsanjani paid tribute to the nomadic tribes for their proud role in history

Iran's Rafsanjani reiterates importance of social justice: "Media Monitor

Iran's Rafsanjani reiterates importance of social justice
Jun 7, 2005, 13:08 GMT
Tehran, 7 June: Expediency Council Chairman Akbar Hashemi-Rafsanjani, one of the candidates in the ninth round of presidential elections, has said: Establishment of social justice is the most important covenant between the people and the revolution; and its implementation in the interest of all the strata must be the most essential agenda of the government.

Speaking at a meeting with the representatives of the country's nomadic tribes on Tuesday morning [7 June], Rafsanjani stressed the need for the state assistance to the people in less developed regions of the country. He said: In order to combat poverty in various geographical locations, the government should think of a solution.

Rafsanjani added: One such solution could be the allocation of greater role to provincial authorities so as to collect local taxes for various projects in the province.

The chairman of the Expediency Council said that it was essential to pay attention to particular economic, cultural and political circumstances of tribal areas when compiling and implementing development projects. He added: The government's plans should strengthen solidarity among various tribes and ethnic groups and increase their involvement in the running of state.

Rafsanjani said: Iranian nomadic tribes cost the government very little, but they provide the most fundamental requirements of the country.

He added: Whoever is elected as president shoulders a heavy burden of responsibility to pay greater attention to the country's nomadic tribes; and taking care of the lower income strata in society must be one of the priorities of the next government.

Rafsanjani paid tribute to the nomadic tribes for their proud role in history and said: Whenever the country faced problems, our zealous nomadic tribes defended the realm of the Islamic Republic side by side the other strata in society.

In conclusion, Rafsanjani said that the martyrs from the ranks of nomadic tribes should be identified and honoured.

Before Rafsanjani's speech, the representatives of the nomadic tribes read out a pledge to express support for his candidacy in the forthcoming presidential elections.

Source: Fars News Agency web site, Tehran, in Persian 1017 gmt 7 Jun 05

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