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Rafsanjani says comments on his wealth damaging, condemns Iran explosions

Rafsanjani says comments on his wealth damaging, condemns Iran explosions: "Media Monitor

Rafsanjani says comments on his wealth damaging, condemns Iran explosions
Jun 12, 2005, 23:13 GMT

In the name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate. [Passage omitted: Interview with Rafsanjani on his policies and election manifesto]

[Announcer, Heydari] Mr [Akbar] Hashemi[-Rafsanjani], let's forget about the election for the time being. You have certainly heard on the news that today there were a number of explosions in Ahvaz and Tehran and that some damage was done as well. What message do you think such explosions convey in the run-up to the elections?

[Rafsanjani] Before answering you, allow me to say that there is a fundamental problem with these elections. Moreover, this is contrary to what the leader wants and what he has emphasized upon and what he has banned. Serious immoral acts are being perpetrated in these elections. I am saying this about my own situation. Today, I can see that millions of secret pamphlets are being distributed throughout the country. We know where the budget for this is coming from and who is distributing them. The worst possible allegations have been invented. I mean they are not even exaggerating what is already there. That is particularly true of financial matters and such things only damage the revolution. I don't think it is really important for me to defend myself.

However, this is what they think of someone who has always been with the revolution and if they think that this person has these problems or that his family is like that. For the first time, I would like to say something to the people by using this media outlet. Perhaps this will be the last time as well. You see, before the victory of the revolution, we drew upon our inherited wealth and we were affluent. After the revolution, we used our assets and we either spent it on the revolution or on the needy or our children to enable them to have their own homes and run their own lives.

Now, 27 years have passed since and the assets of my entire family is much less than what I had at the beginning of the revolution. For example, I had a 1,000 metre house in which I lived. Today, I don't even have that house. I do not have it. Of course, my children have divided it among themselves and built apartments and they live in them. I am telling those who make such claims and I am quite prepared to give them power of attorney as well. If the people who make such claims can prove this, they will be able to take possession of what they are talking about.

[Q] So if they find out about it, they can take possession of it.

[A] Yes, if it is there, they can take possession of it. As I said, what we have now is much less than what we had at the beginning of the revolution. We have given (the statistics?) to the Judiciary and the figures are there as well. Mr [Mohammad] Yazdi announced that the matter had been investigated and that the value of Mr Hashemi[Rafsanjani's] assets had declined his period in office.

Well, the state should be proud of that. We are talking about a person who had a free hand for 25 years, but who had reduced the value of his assets and those of his children. Now some people are talking like that. Of course, such things are primarily done by counter-revolutionaries. In these elections, other people are taking advantage of the situation and they are doing injustice to the state. There is demagoguery and the reality of the situation is being distorted. Ultimately, they will have to repent.

[Q] Yes, Mr Hashemi would like to say something about the explosions in the run-p to the elections?

[A] Well, yes, unfortunately, this was a bitter incident. These things happened in Ahvaz and in Tehran. This shows ho ruthless the enemies of the revolution are and that they are really resorting to violence and they a bear a grudge against us. They are trying to intimidate the people because they think that the people would not participate in the elections. That is why they are doing these things. It is clear that this will backfire.

When Iraqi aircraft were flying over our heads and when missiles were coming at us, the people were taking part in the elections in large numbers. Now, not much will be changed because of a few bombs. I hope that the ruthless nature of our enemies will be moderated. The world will have to judge for itself and it should try to see who really is a terrorist. Iran has always been a victim of terrorism and this thing is still continuing. I would like to send my condolences to those who were injured and the families of those who were killed in those incidents.

[Q] Yes, thank you very much Mr Hashemi for appearing on the special news interview. [Passage omitted: On the announcer summing up Rafsanjani's comments during the programme]

Source: Vision of the Islamic Republic of Iran Network 2, Tehran, in Persian 1800 gmt 12 Jun 05

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