Thursday, June 02, 2005

S'CAN-IRANIC: Guardian Council's Response to the Supreme Leader's Letter

S'CAN-IRANIC: Guardian Council's Response to the Supreme Leader's Letter: "Guardian Council's Response to the Supreme Leader's Letter
Note: the Guardian Council has just repsonded to the letter of the Supreme Leader and has accepted Dr. Moin and Mr. Mehr-Alizadeh as qualfied candidates to run for presidential elections. In so doing, the Secretary of the Guardian Council has declared that the Council has accepted the decree of the Supreme Leader in compliance with the principle of the Supremacy of the Clergy. This is the translation of the letter with the link to the Guardian Council's websitewhere the letter has been posted:

سايت شوراي نگهبان
From the Website of the Guardian Council
تاريخ : 03/03/1384
Date: 2005/05/24

From the Secretary of the Guardian Council to Him Eminence the Supreme Leader, complete letter:

With greetings and salutation,

With appreciation of your amiable attention and support for this Council’s practice in ascertaining and assessing the eligibility of the Presidential Elections’ Candidates in due accordance with the principles of the law:

The Guardian Council, while adhering to the rules, laws, and regulations is committed and subservient to the progressive Shari’a-based and lawful principle of the Supremacy of the Juris-theologian [Supreme Clergy], and it so does adhere to this practice and tradition with respect to the issue of the Elections.

With due consideration of the lawful rules and regulations, and after extensive deliberations, with reference to the records, precedents, documents and evidence, as well as conducting due expertise examinations, the result of the review of the qualification [of the candidates] was arrived at, and was announced accordingly.

After the receipt of your eminence’s letter, the Guardian Council held an extra-ordinary session for the purpose of the revision of the results, and as your eminence have recognized that it is desirable that all the individuals of the country who enjoy various political views are given the opportunity to participate in the great test of the elections,in compliance with your most excellent authoritative view, the eligibility of Mr. Mostafa Moin and Mr. Mehr-Alizadeh is hereby announced [accepted].

Your Excellency: May God Prolong your gracious existence, and May God help us to be successful in fulfilling our legal and Shari’a duties,

Ahmad Janati,

The Secretary of the Guardian Council "