Sunday, June 12, 2005

Tehran Times Political Desk - Election Countdown

Description of Selected News: "Election Countdown

Tehran Times Political Desk
Iran’s management system still not a meritocracy: Qalibaf

Tehran (MNA) -- Presidential candidate Mohammad Baqer Qalibaf said in Roudsar, Gilan Province on Saturday that overall, management in the country is not satisfactory.

What has happened in Iran’s economy under the name of ‘privatization’ was more like abandoning the economy, he added.

He also noted that he would have never run for president if he had not been certain about his ability to take effective measures for the sake of people.

Speaking to a gathering of people in Lahijan and Astaneh Ashrafieh later on Saturday, Qalibaf said that Iran’s management system is still not a meritocracy.

If the managers corrected their behavior and encouraged public participation in all economic and political spheres, the problems would be solvable, he observed.

Cultural assets guarantee stable development: Mehralizadeh

Presidential hopeful Mohsen Mehralizadeh said on Saturday that scientific and pragmatic attention to cultural assets helps materialize the general welfare of society, adding that cultural and economic development are interrelated and cultural assets guarantee stable development.

Speaking to a gathering of teachers in Robat Karim, Tehran Province, he stated that teachers, artists, university professors, and other cultured people are undoubtedly the real assets of Iran and they should be honored.

The pragmatic reformist candidate referred to the youth of Iranian society and the educating a new generation, saying that the government should pay special attention to teachers in order to empower the educational system and to make optimal use of all potential and opportunities.

Teachers are best forces to confront cultural invasion: Rafsanjani

Expediency Council Chairman Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani told a gathering of exemplary teachers here on Friday that teachers are the best means through which to confront cultural invasion.

The presidential candidate went on to say that the global arrogance is determined to conduct cultural invasions throughout the world by fomenting ethnic strife, so Iranians should use their own means to pave the way for the development of Quranic culture in other societies.

Emphasizing the fact that the Islamic Revolution is a cultural revolution, he said that Iranian people overthrew the Pahlavi regime with this cultural attitude and so still have the same attitude.

Considering all its aspects, Islam is a comprehensive religion which begins with culture and ends with prosperity, he added.

Economy is the cause of all moral, cultural corruption: Larijani

Presidential candidate Ali Larijani said in Arak, Central Province on Friday that real reforms can be defined as fighting against corruption, poverty, and discrimination.

He stated that creating job opportunities for the youth and fighting against inflation, discrimination, corruption, and injustice would be some of the main priorities of his ‘Hope Administration’ and added that all cultural and moral problems in society have their roots in the economy.

He also referred to the young generation as the engine of national economic development and added that paying special attention to the benefits of giving the youth some important responsibilities can help to transform the country.

Boosting the standard of living is dependent on the votes in the upcoming election, which he believes will be a harbinger of a bright future, Larijani said.

Moin should have coordinated visit with EU ambassadors with Foreign Ministry: MP

Majlis National Security and Foreign Policy Committee Chairman Ala’ddin Borujerdi said here on Saturday that besides being a presidential candidate, Mostafa Moin is an official, so his recent visit with European Union ambassadors should have been coordinated with the Foreign Ministry.

Moin was once a cabinet minister and is now a presidential advisor.

A number of European ambassadors to Tehran met the leading reformist presidential candidate on Thursday."