Friday, February 25, 2005

Iran Daily: Reformists' Choice: Moin or Karroubi

Iran Daily: "ReformistsÕ Choice:

Moin or Karroubi

TEHRAN, Feb. 25--A former lawmaker called on reformists to choose between former higher education minister, Mostafa Moin, and ex-parliamentary speaker, Mehdi Karroubi, as their consensual candidate for the next presidential election.
“As a sort of guarantee for winning the election, reformists should choose between Moin and Karroubi,“ Hossein Ansari-Rad told IRNA on Friday.
“What reformists should do is to carry out a scientific public opinion survey on the level of their popularity and chances of winning, and then make their decision,“ he said.
He said any fanatic election move such as intimidation or radical remark, and giving unrealistic promises to people will prove to be a further setback for reforms.
Ansari-Rad said even if reformists fail to reach consensus on a single candidate, it was highly possible that they could still prevail."