Thursday, April 07, 2005

Conservative Faction Crumbling Iranian MP supports Rafsanjani’s candidacy

"Iranian MP supports Rafsanjani’s candidacy

Thursday, April 07, 2005 - ©2005
LONDON, April 7 (IranMania) - A rightist lawmaker threw his support behind Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani’s possible candidacy in the June 17 presidential election, IRNA reported.

In his pre-agenda speech on Wednesday, Teymour Ali-Asgari, Mashhad representative and a member of the parliament’s majority faction, described Rafsanjani as “a man of crises“ and said he believed the veteran politician would definitely enter the electoral scene if he considers it an exigency.

“Rafsanjani is not seeking power and his political struggles go back to the time when many of us, including presidential nominees, were not even born,“ he said.

Ali-Asgari stressed that access to nuclear technology is Iran’s absolute right.

Another MP and spokesman of the rightist faction, Hossein Nejabat, said under worse conditions, the rightists would have three candidates.

“Should rightists fail to reach consensus on a single candidate, the Islamic Revolution’s Coordinating Council and Coalition of Developers of Islamic Iran would each introduce their own candidate while Ali Akbar Velayati has announced he will run independently,“ he said.

Nejabat said the coalition is keen on a strong showing in elections and insists that its principles be preserved.

“Should any serious disagreement occur, the party will go forward and support its own candidate,“ he said."